Regular Audit Docs

Click on the drop-down marked Financial Year to short-list documents specifically for that year. Similarly, you can also opt to view list of files only from one specific department. Click on the Document-ID to bring up complete document for viewing or local printing using Acrobat Reader.

  Select Financial Year :  
SL Department Financial Year Document-ID File-Size Upload Date
1.FID2014-1572/14-151002.18 KB11-05-2016
2.FID2011-12REPORT65146.22 KB15-10-2012
3.FID2011-12REPORT57169.25 KB15-10-2012
4.FID2011-12REPORT50200.64 KB15-10-2012
5.FID2011-12REPORT24206.15 KB15-10-2012
6.FID2010-11FIN-09-10-11 5751.53 KB23-11-2010
7.FID2009-1057/11-1285.09 KB08-09-2016
8.FID2009-10REPORT698632.54 KB22-11-2013
9.FID2009-10REPORT106707.01 KB15-10-2012
10.FID2009-10FIN-112-09-10 72.25 KB22-12-2010
11.FID2009-10FIN-89-09-10 148.88 KB03-11-2010
12.FID2009-10FIN-147-09-10 1250.8 KB02-11-2010
13.FID2007-08136/2011-12288.56 KB08-09-2016
14.FID2006-07147/09-10117.28 KB09-09-2016


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